Cantilever Bracket – Type C Channel – 502

Cantilever Bracket, Type C Channel
Cantlilever Bracket - Type C Channel- Eurofix - 502
  • Universally usable wall bracket for mounting pipes.
  • Ideally suited as a load-bearing cantilever bracket for pipe routes.
  • Stable construction owing to solid base plate.
  • Slotted holes in to base plate allows height adjustment of the bracket.
  • Variety of lengths covers all construction requirements.
  • Can be used in combination with saddle support and channel.
  • Support brackets as a cross member for fixing pipes in floor ducts.
  • Can be used as a cantilever bracket for air ducts and cable trays.
  • Solid wall bracket for fittings and equipment.
Technical Data
  • Material: Steel 1.0332 acc. to DIN EN 10111
  • Zinc plating: Electro zinc plated, 8-12 µm
  • * Available at other bracket lengths subject to the special request. Please select the stainless steel range for outdoor use.
Cantilever Bracket Type C Channel - Eurofix