Beam Clamp Safety Strap – 672

Beam Clamp Safety Strap, Electro-Galvanised
 Beam Clamp Safety Strap - 672 - Eurofix
  • According to the German VdS regulations, the beam clamps must be secured by safety strip when the pipe to be fixed is larger than DN50 with the beam clamps M8 and larger than DN65 with the beam clamps M10.
  • Dimensions and material meet the Vds CEA-guideline for sprinkler systems.
Technical Data
  • Material (Metal component): Steel 1.0332 acc. to DIN EN 10111
  • Zinc plating: Electro zinc plated, ≥13 µm
  • This style safety bracket can also be used on tapered flanges.
  • The safety strip is bent on the construction site to the form of the beam, so that it securely encompasses the edge of the beam flanges.
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